1930s, with suggestions

I suggest you add this eBay seller your favorites list, because … look at this scan! Perfect, high-res, great detail — AND she scans the backs of the patterns so you can see the pattern pieces and the fabric requirements! ::love::

I adore the bodice on this one. Those gathers aren't as hard to sew as you might think, because (next suggestion) you can brute-force the flat piece over the gathers with the topstitching.

I also (and does this even warrant mentioning?) love the pockets. I do not, however, love the skirt, which requires you (in the mode of the times) to have dispensed with such trivial things as hips. (If you are naturally tall and slender, though, instead of shortish and roundish as I am, this is the dress for you!)

If this weren't B32 I would be strongly tempted to buy it and (another suggestion) change the skirt to a more forgiving A-line. In fact, (last few suggestions I promise) think of an A-line skirt with a center gore mirroring the triangle of the bodice … think of that bodice in handkerchief linen … (absolutely, positively last suggestion) click on the image to see the eBay auction — it only has a day or two to run. And it's a Canadian seller, so … cheap!

0 thoughts on “1930s, with suggestions

  1. If you have no hips though, you’ll have even less wearing this dress, with the inverted triangle styling. For some reason, those pockets look to me like they’ll just make it obvjous there are no hips under there.


  2. Oh, crikey, I love this one. LOL, I’ve become so frustrated because it’s hard to find vintage pattern in my oh-so-modern size, that I’ve decided to shrink myself rather than enlarge the patterns. However, my rib cage, never mind what goes over it, is at least 32 inches. I will never look like Ginger Rodgers playing the spunky working girl . . .


  3. I must confess — with your love of pockets, I would never have thought you’d describe yourself as “shortish and roundish.”I am “shortish and pearish”, and my dear, hip pockets are the bane of my shopping existence. I am a flat-front girl, in dresses and otherwise.


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