It's a stretch, but …

Lois Lane Test

Anyway, aside from the hysterically funny point of this comic book image, look at the dress Lois is wearing. I've been looking for that thirties-style pattern for a while now. A collared dress WITHOUT a front placket, with kimono sleeves. Isn't it cute?

I have no idea where this scan came from (other than from my friend Thad, hi Thad!) so I can't go find out how the rest of the dress was drawn in other panels, but I'm fairly certain it has a high curved midriff band and a narrow skirt with a pleated kickpanel in the back. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. Why do you think Superman loves Lois, anyway? It's the dresses!

The matching gloves and beret and the bumblebee tie are just icing.

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  1. I now realize I had entirely the wrong idea when thinking about “kimono sleeves.”In news about gloves, I tried on a suit with 3/4 sleeves the other day, and it really made me want to have those mid-forearm gloves to wear with it.


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