If you think it, they will come

So, this past weekend I was talking with my mom (hi mom!) and lamenting that I couldn't find a particular pair of shoes — moss green round-toed heels with an ankle strap. My mom was sympathetic (she has to be, she's my MOM) but I was bitter. "If I think of it, they're guaranteed not to exist."

So what did I see in a shop window yesterday? Yep. Round-toed, moss-green, ankle-strap "suede" heels. For an insanely cheap price. (They're very cheap shoes, but I don't care.)

Okay, okay, I can hear you saying "Get to the dress! If I wanted to read the blogging about the shoes, I'd be reading right now! He has more of the funny when blogging about the shoes! And he knows about the David Hasselhoff!"

Well, anyway, after I figured out that I had this surprising power to instantiate items in the real world just by thinking of them, I thought I'd test it a bit more on trivial things before starting to wish for portable fusion power and various vaccines. (I've read "The Monkey's Paw," and a LOT of similar literature — I know how often wishes go wrong!) So last night I concentrated. I thought hard about a silk shirtwaist dress in a colorful print with an interesting collar and buttons.

And lo! Here it is! It's at it's less than $50, and it's a Peck and Peck. Not only does it have the original belt, it also has a side pocket. (When I call things into being, I don't mess around.)

So what's the problem? I forgot to add "B36" when I was thinking about it, and this one is a B44. It will be a pain in all sorts of places to alter, but I think I'll try it.

So what should I try for tomorrow?

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  1. Mmmmmmm … I will contribute only this thought. You did all the wishing work, of course, and if it’s what your heart longs for, you should have it (even if altering it will truly suck gas). However … There are far fewer vintage dresses out there that will fit ladies who wear B44 than there are dresses that will fit B36 – and it’s not as if they can alter them up to fit. If it isn’t True Love Must Have, you might want to think about leaving it for some B44 to wear (and may the karma faeries reward you with the perfect dress in the perfect fit, if you so choose).


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