Where are my scissors?

I like this Cynthia Steffe dress quite a bit — except for the floaty elbow sleeves. Can anyone wear them and not have them be dripping mustard and pencil shavings by the end of the day? (Not to mention that they get caught in the ammo belt of my Gatling.) So I'd take my scissors to 'em right quick. That is, if I were going to spend $415 on this at Saks, which is about as likely as me actually firing a Gatling.

I am tempted to go hit though, and see what I could scare up for a similar dress. Especially if I can find some of that peacock-print Liberty silk that I've been looking for …

0 thoughts on “Where are my scissors?

  1. Oh hey, there’s a shoutout to Liberty in the book I’m currently reading — Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. It’s a great book, about a woman who becomes a consulting detective after WWI.


  2. Those are short, managable floaty-sleeves. Of course, I’m apparently one of the only people on the planet that can wear the loooooong floaty-sleeves and not have disaster strike. Unlike other goths I know, who have set themselves on fire when wearing long floaty-sleeves …


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