Ooooh! Presents!

McCalls 8789

This pattern was a present from Rose (of ) and isn't it fabulous? The best part was she said it made her think of me. Yes, that was my evil plan upon starting this blog, that people everywhere, immediately upon seeing a fantastic dress, would say to themselves "I am thinking of Erin RIGHT NOW." And it's working! [insert evil laugh here]

Man, oh man, lookit this one, willya? I LOVE the paneling on the skirt (a great way to combine expensive novelty prints with cheap solid cotton, and the seaming means you need less yardage overall). I love the flirty tie in the back. You know that ol' Chip at the country club, that jackass, would try to untie it after his first Rob Roy, but hey. You put a tie in an inaccessible place (in 1951, which is the year of this pattern), that's what you have to expect.

I would make this in bright yellow, with the panels being this crazy circus-y fabric I picked up at JoAnns that is bright yellow with multicolor polka dots. I saw the fabric, loved it, and then (after buying five yards) realized that it was one of the fabrics decorating the nursery of my adorable new nephew. (So, yes, I have juvenile tastes.) Luckily his parents (who have excellent senses of humor) would think it very funny if I showed up in a dress that matched their nursery.

Thank you so much, Rose!

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  1. I have a pattern very similar to this. I have great hopes of someday making it with the “Stroll Along the Edogawa” print that Alexander Henry put out a couple years ago, and then a coordinating color block with kanji in the little bit at the top of the bodice. Still waffling, though: Main body of dress red or black? Hmmm.–Lydia


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