A Seasonal Disorder

Every year, about this time, I think "I should put aside these frivolous cotton print dresses of summer, and make an entire wardrobe of sophisticated, narrow dresses in deep, solid colors." And I drag out this pattern again, and stare at it for a while. I'm fond of the cut of the red version. (The neck thing is a purchased scarf, not a sewn-in collar.) Doesn't that look like something Faye Dunaway would wear, in her role as an expert in international arms-treaty law? Or as the head of a multinational financial-services conglomerate?

I've never made this one. I buy (expensive) fabric to make it. I put it in the pile marked "Make Next." I have, on one or two occasions, dragged all the pieces out and pressed them, but I just can't bring myself to cut this sucker out. I delay and drag and then end up shoving them back in the pattern envelope. And then February rolls around and all I can think of making again is frivolous cotton print dresses.

It's a lovely pattern. Look at the seaming, the bell skirt, the POCKETS. (Click on the image to see all five views, including the marabou-trimmed evening version.) It's elegant, it's understated, in gray wool flannel and a black leather belt it would be irresistible. (In black leather with a gray flannel belt it would be really, really strange in a kind of Helmut Lang way.) And somehow I can't make it! I guess I'm just not the multinational financial-services conglomerate type.


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  1. Very “Thomas Crown Affair”, if shortened about three inches. (Faye showed a lot of leg in that movie.) BTW, erin, the photo you linked too is HUGE. You may want to resize that for people on dial up.


  2. I feel sure that my bewilderment at many of the terms in this blog is similar to what you must experience in the musically technical areas of mine. Thus I am even more touched that you have made the effort to read through some of those entries. I must say, those are some amazing dresses. I actually like the bubble wrap dress quite a lot.


  3. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d like to make a suggestion:Resize, resize, resize!The pictue you link to is 6.05MB. Even on cable, that takes a while to load, and it almost gave my old-and-can’t-afford-to-replace computer a heart attack. Plus, that takes up a lot of room on your server. Enough that size and you’ll eventually have no space.Viewing-wise, at it’s screen size, one would need a ginormous screen to view it on.Resizing it to 1024×768 leaves it large enough to see well, small enough to fit on a screen, and knocks the file size down to about 200KB.If you don’t already have software for it, I recommend Ifanview (www.irfanview.com). It’s free and easy enough to use. Crop and resize are internet picture posting’s best friends.


  4. Hmm…I’ve never met you, so I can’t say, but unless you’re built like Twiggy (or Ms. Dunaway in her spring chicken years), this might not be a terribly flattering silhouette. It looks like (especially with a heavy fabric) it would do that potato-sack thing.–Lydia


  5. Oh, how I love the look of these dresses! But I’ve purchased many over the years from second-hand/vintage stores, and they’re always so darn confining. I must be an Amazon compared to the women this pattern was designed for—they’re always extremely tight in the shoulders and sleeves. It’s like having your shoulders taped to your torso about 6″ up from your elbows. And for whatever reason, having my arms pinned like this makes me sweat buckets. Argh! No Jackie O. for me, alas.


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