Ask Dress A Day: Cherry Fabric

Mauricio Parra, the producer and emcee of the show in Madison, Wisconsin, asks:

I have been scouring the web for a silky/shiny fabric with cherries on a black background that would be suitable for making a tie/bow-tie/pocket square etc. I bought a cherry tie online that turned out to be made from a cotton print that wasn't very saturated and just looks — crappy. In fact, cotton prints are the only cherry fabrics I've been able to find so far. Heck, I'd be willing to cut up some silky cherry pajamas if I could find them. One of our cast members has some but won't let me near them. 😉

Any ideas?

Cherry fabric is very near to my heart — I must have yards, but it's all cotton prints, not the shiny silky fabric you'd need to make a great tie.

You really have two options: call around, or DIY. I'd call the big fabric stores first: in Chicago, Britex in San Francisco (I ordered some very nice cherry print from them five or six years ago, but it was cotton on a white background) or in Rockville, Maryland. You might also want to grab a copy of magazine and start calling the stores that advertise in that mag … I'd start by asking if they have any of the cherry-print black silk that Nicole Miller put out a few years ago. I'm still kicking myself for not buying some of that.

Of course you also want to set up an eBay search alert that will email you whenever someone lists silk cherry fabric.

As for DIY, if you know a good graphic artist, you could get a cherry print made just for you, and fabric either silkscreened locally or printed up at (If you use my-fabrics, let me know, I've been dying to try them out.)

Also, Dharma Trading Co. sells pocket square blanks, etc. that could be painted!

Any Dress A Day readers have leads, or want to part with some of their stash?

By the way, the picture is for some black cherry-print denim, on sale on eBay for the next several days. Click on the pic to go to the listing. Note: the coin in the photo is a QUARTER. Those cherries are HUGE! Happy bidding!

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  1. Here are some suggestions: – fat quarters, which should be wide enough to make bowties; – a black cherry print fabric, which appears to be glazed cotton; a polyester dress, black with a cherry print, which he can cannibalize to make numerous ties.


  2. Erin, Take a deep breath. Follow this link:, exhale. Take two in the morning and email me. I have a Chicago-area source of vintage patterns for you….


  3.! How had I not heard of them?!I may ask that, for my Christmas present this year, I get custom-printed fabric. I see lovely scrollwork bats in my future …


  4. I have a black cherry print silk Tahari dress that I bought second hand. The cherries are the size of quarters. e-mail me if all else fails.Is there anything happier than cherries?Well, this blog always puts a smile on my [email protected]


  5. Heh. I work right by G Street Fabrics! They tend to be ridiculously expensive for anything basic, but if it’s just what you want, you’ll pay what you have to, I guess.


  6. Hi! I actually am looking for cotton broadcloth fabric for a friend in Chile that has a classic Cherry pattern on it — Cherries on a white background, suitable for making a victorian-style (Japanese lolita) dress. I think I can show you a pic of the dress and the material used by that manufacturer. I have no idea how much material I’d need — this is supposed to be a birthday present for her. Anyone??


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