Burrows Dress
So regular reader and perspicacious commenter Madelene emailed me last week, with a link to a designer at Style.com. I was traveling, and then I was catching up from traveling, and it took me a while to get to a time and place where I could check out the link and now … I want. Sleeves, neckline, waist, skirt: all perfect. This is me, huddling over here in a little breathless ball of pure throbbing desire.

Of course, I want it in red, or sky blue, or possibly bright grass green, and not this moonstone color, but still. Want.

The worst part is that, as beautiful as this is, it probably wouldn't even make the top five of impossible-to-have things I've wanted in the last week. How sad is that?

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  1. This is my favorite dress from that collection: http://www.vogue.co.uk/ImageLib/320×480/Shows/SS2006/New_York/R-T-W/Stephen_Burrows/00010f.jpg. *lesigh*For those of you who follow the collections, I’ve discovered that the British Vogue site (www.vogue.co.uk) has much better photos than Style.com, the American Vogue site. It’s nice to get a good look at the dang clothes.


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