A new obsession

So, after being in China a few days, I am completely obsessed with the gorgeous, slim, almost-but-not-quite traditional dresses I am seeing on the street. Where on earth these women are getting these dresses, I have no idea, as every place I've been has been a tourist nightmare of rayon satin, but hey. They're allowed to keep their sources a secret from me.

However, the internet, as always, provides. Check this one out, at chinasprout.com. So pretty, so inexpensive ($42!), so orange! (I like orange. There also seems to be a blue one I couldn't edit out. Blue's just … okay.)

Oh, and folks, you're gonna love this. Dress a Day reader Eevin Hartsough sent me this link: . [warning: flash animation] Fold a shirt in two counterintuitive and swooping movements! It's fun and provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment (okay, it did after I practiced it a few times). If you don't feel joy upon seeing this you might need a joy recalibration. See your doctor.

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  1. For those dresses you describe, if you’re still in Beijing, try the Xidan Department Store (on Xidan just north of Chang’an Jie, subway stop is Xidan); the Chinese for this is “Xidan Da Shangchang.” There also used to be a market specializing in nouveau-Han design in the basement of the Henderson Center (Hengji Zhongxin) just north of the main Beijing train station (Beijing Zhan, at subway stop of the same name). You can also find them in upscale shops catering to Western expats (e.g., in the China World Trade Center, at subway stop Guomao or maybe Guomao Zhongxin).Best from a regular reader who’s lived in China off and on for 20 years.


  2. Don’t know if you check comments on old posts, but… I lived in a city in China that had a market where you could flip through magazines and catalogues; find something, anything you wanted; go browse rows upon rows of fabric; and have it made for you in barely any time and for very little money.


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