Not a surprise

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Is anyone surprised that I'm posting this particular dress, out of all the ones I snagged at the estate sale? No? I'm not surprised that you're not surprised, actually. The full skirt. The sleeves in one with the bodice. The interesting bust seam. Heck, the polka dots alone were a dead giveaway …

This one is a little small for me but it's already moved up to the top-five Must Sew list. So cute!

I also got THREE sailor-collar dress patterns. Oh, be afraid, be very afraid.

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  1. You would need crinolines to get it to actually look like that, right?(I am slowly realizing all the undergarments that make vintage stuff look the way it does — girdles and corsets and crinolines, oh my!)


  2. I DID buy a very full slip at the estate sale … but you can get that skirt fullness by using stiff fabric, too. A lot of older stuff really wants you to wear a girdle under it, but every time I do, I can’t breathe. So I just sew stuff a little bigger …


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