I think Lanvin's gonna have a great season, John

Fantasy Fashion LeagueThe Fantasy Fashion League (click on their icon at left to visit their site, which has a little too much going on for my taste) is about to gear up for their inaugural season, which starts Sept. 18 for the Emmys. Here's how it works:

Fantasy Fashion League is the fashionista’s answer to fantasy football. Like fantasy football, you draft a team of fantasy “players”. Only in Fantasy Fashion, your players are Giorgio Armani, Manolo Blahnik and Harry Winston. When the players on your team “do well” – get exposure in the news, in magazines, and on the red carpet – your fantasy team earns points!

It costs $18. If your team wins, you get a $1000 shopping spree at Zappos.com.

I'd like to hear the designer trash-talking that would be involved with this, but the last thing I need is one more thing to track obsessively on the internet every day. If your internet-obsession dance card has a slot or two open, go knock yourself out!

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