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Added to the list of things I might, someday, perhaps, when I get around to it, sew: this dress (or one very much like it, considering I don't own this pattern and instead googled for something to use as an example of the kind of thing I'm talking about.) Click on the image to go to the site,, which has a lot of lovely pattern images.

Anyway, you might ask, what brought this on? I bought a couple yards of grass green cotton satin fabric yesterday, that's what, down at on 40th St. They often have bolt-ends that they sell at $2/yard, and I am constitutionally incapable of passing up $2/yard fabric. I'm also invariably drawn to grass green, so my owning this fabric was more or less foreordained. I don't like to spend a lot on cotton satin, because it shows every little spot and I'm the kind of person who gestures wildly with a fork to make some Very Important Point about something or other and spatters myself with salad dressing. So there are a lot of little spots to show. This stuff is niiiiiice (it's leftovers from a Chaiken collection) and I was thinking (since I didn't have a enough for a circle skirt, more's the pity) that it would make up well as a chinoiserie-ish dress with (probably) pink satin collar piping.

The only downside of a dress like this one is NO POCKETS. The first person to solve this issue for me will receive the Dress A Day Pocket Prize for Service to Humanity.

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  1. I was going to suggest on-seam pockets, too, but I’m wondering if, since the dress is so formfitting, that they’d gape open at every opportunity. Then I thought, what about one of those nice asian satin-cord-knot-toggle closures, then I chastised myself and gave up. It’s quite the sticky wicket. I love your visualization of the green with pink piping. Brilliant.


  2. Skip the side pockets and put a tiny little pocket under the front flap across the chest. Like those bra-strap purses that mail-order catalogs sell for paranoid travellers. =D–Lydia


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