A good dress, spoiled

I ruined a dress yesterday.

The dress is (was) one of my favorites — a vintage pattern, made from a huge abstract print of blue and green, with x's and doughnuts (sorry about the poor description). I had just shortened the skirt to this summer's preferred length, and I had been looking forward to wearing it again.

I didn't spill ketchup down my front, or tear it climbing over a fence, or burn holes in it by running into someone holding a lit cigarette (which is actually a phobia of mine, come to think of it). No, I ruined the dress by wearing it on a day of such vast suckiticity that I think I won't be able to wear it again.

No, nobody died, and there was no blood and very little betrayal, but there was a lot of bleh concentrated into a small space.

I had another favorite dress that I ruined by wearing it on an unhappy birthday. I didn't realize that dress had been spoiled for a while — I would keep putting it on, and expecting to feel that favorite-dress happiness, and things would just sour, inexplicably. Until I realized what was going on, and gave the dress to Goodwill.

I should really give this dress to Goodwill right away, cut my losses, but I'll probably try to salvage it. Hope springs eternal. (I need to take in the bodice a bit, anyway, as I've lost a little weight since last summer. Maybe that will cure the bad dress karma.)

Today I am wearing an alphabet-print full skirt that is bad-day-proof. I hope. Wish me luck.

0 thoughts on “A good dress, spoiled

  1. I, too have had to dispose of things (not necessarily clothes) that become “contaminated” by bad memories. I hope the alterations help!Sometime I hope you will post pictures of the dresses you make!Ang.


  2. I had a blouse like that. On the final day of total suckiness I mentioned (read whined) to my mother that every time I wore this red blouse bad things happened.Right there and then she took IT OFF ME AND THREW IT IN THE DUMPSTER behind my apartment.


  3. Oh, I hate to hear that.Maybe you can wear it out to something you just know is going to be great. Or wear a pullover sweater over it to fool the fates into thinking it’s a skirt.


  4. Maybe a third times a charm clothes swap? It seems a shame to toss the no longer faves without the potential for a new fave coming in, esp. if the personally unlucky is fabulous in every other way.Think lovers . . .


  5. when my ex and i split up, i had clothes that i couldn’t bear. i gave them away to friend w/ one condition–they had to have a good memory in the article of clothing and tell me about it.one dress was worn when this woman met a man. last time i saw her,a few later, they were still together.


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