I did eventually make the dress I mentioned — in the fabric at left.
The colors are a LOT brighter than this scan shows. And it is a very large-scale print, which might not be apparent from the scan, either. The fabric makes me unreasonably happy, and the dress turned out pretty well. I didn't have to let out the waist (always a cheerful situation) but, as usual, I forgot how short-waisted I am and had to do some last minute alteration to the shoulder seams. And by "last-minute alteration" I mean "increase the seam allowance by 3/4 inch", which is what it needed to not hang off me. I did write it on the pattern envelope for next time.
I wore it at the wedding I went to this past weekend and will wear it again tomorrow. There's nothing like the pleasure of a nice new dress!

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  1. it helps scale photos/scans if you can throw something like a quarter into the picture.It’s a trick I learned from my dad who was a geologist. Of course, they usually used their rock pick as the scale item.


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