Thank God This Isn't My Size

Because I would be scheming and plotting to buy it, even at nearly $700. That perfect grass-green color! Of course, a is also an investment … this is from the always astounding (You must visit if you haven't already. Just be prepared to fall hopelessly in lust with at least one dress of unsurpassing beauty.)

I did once find a Courreges dress (in a Salvation Army, of all places). It was teeny, and stained, but still — a Courreges! I sold it for much, much less than $700, at a time when I was both anti-60s and broke. It's not one of the dresses I regret letting get away, though. I'm sure someone out there is giving it all the love and attention I wasn't able to. There are some other neglected dresses in my closet that should be put up for the same adoption, but I'm not willing to give them up quite yet. You never know when you might lose 20 lbs in a week or have to attend a black-tie gala three nights running. Right?

0 thoughts on “Thank God This Isn't My Size

  1. Ah, you would have to send me somewhere like that.This dress is heavenly to me, thank goodness it’s sold, or I would have to scheme a way to acquire it.


  2. Hey, I bought a Courreges dress some years back for 5.It’s quite beatuful in orange and white fine burnished cotton, and the cotton is so stiff it’s more like shipbuilding than couture, with large press-studs attaching the shoulder straps and connecting the wrap-around waist.Gorgeous.Ah – and yes, it doesn’t fit me. Nor hardly anyone I know.


  3. PLEASE, Please! Put up a “next” button! I love your stuff, but scrolling thru pae after page and then having to begin again is wearing me ta a frazzle Of course if there already is such a clickable device and I missed it…Highly likely. Please let me know where to locate it. Thanks!


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