Ossie Clark for the Hostess

The Ossie Clark exhibit from whence this picture comes is long over, but the nice thing about museums (especially the V&A, which is the spiritual home of The Dress) is that they don't throw stuff away. Heck, they don't even take down old websites! Thus, today's dress. Which makes me wish (and not for the first time) that I were a six-foot-tall glamazon. (Barefoot at the party, of course, and dripping with gypsy gold-coin jewelry … ) You can see it again, in context,

Be sure to scroll down to the dress and coat with big red floral design (Celia Birtwell's "Floating Daisy").

Never say never.

I came across this dress while winnowing through my patterns for ones I wouldn't be too sad to get rid of. This one was an instant grab: I don't do peplums. It's been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks. Every time I see it, though, the "nah …" reaction diminishes, so much so that now I've reached the point where I'm thinking about what fabric I could possibly make this in. That, perhaps, a cheery yellow gingham would be an ironic counterpoint to the absolute hard-edged cigarette-holder Crawfordishness of this peplumed wonder.

I still wouldn't use the floral embroidery transfer. That's a bridge too far.