Two classics meet cute

Grecian-inspired dress and raw-edged jersey make a nice couple. Not too pretty-pretty, not too trying-too-hard edgy. From the Lanvin 2005 collection. Click on the image to go to the slideshow. Lanvin has some nice (and when I say "nice," I mean "huge") prints for the fall, too, so it's worth clicking through the slideshow.

And a big hello to everyone here by the recommendation of the darling Manolo!

0 thoughts on “Two classics meet cute

  1. Would you email me? I have a question about finding a dress (the one I want isn’t available in the size I need, grrr) and you seem like you would know the best places to look for what I have in mind. It would make me very very happy if you could offer some advice. Thank you.([email protected])


  2. That’s very similar to the dress that Natalie Portman wore to the Oscars. Or was it the Globes. Now I’m wondering if that was Lanvin.


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