Another dress you could buy

ebay item 8305987417 But you'll have to hop to it because the auction ends on the 21st. I wouldn't be surprised if this one tops $100 — it seems to be in perfect shape, and it's an excellent size (B38). Better use a sniping program if you really want it. (Click on the image to go to the Ebay auction.)

I've stopped buying vintage dresses on Ebay for myself (I'd rather sew dresses from vintage patterns and keep Ebay for feeding my Jack Purcell habit) but don't let me stop you.

The only hesitation I feel in recommending this truly lovely dress is this–where would you wear it? It's a day-dress shape, but it's taffeta and chiffon. We don't seem to have that fancy cocktail party dress-up space anymore, or, if we do, everyone is wearing that perfectly serviceable (but just a leeeetle bit boring now, no?) combo of sparkly bare top, low-rise jeans, and heels. Late afternoon summer wedding is the only place I can think of where this would be absolutely the thing. I'm happy to hear other suggestions.

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